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Hello and welcome! I am Dr. Fiona Smulders, the founder of Four Rivers Wellness. I am a Naturopathic Doctor, herbal medicine teacher and passionate advocate for natural medicine. My mission with Four Rivers Wellness is to help empower you in your healing process and inspire you to live in tune with Nature.

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How To Get Started On Your Path To Natural Wellness:

  • Enjoy our hand-crafted love-infused herbal products
  • Learn how to make your own herbal remedies on our herbal page
  • Join a workshop to learn tips and tools for healthy & eco-friendly living
  • Get empowered and informed with our blog  

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Nov 28

The Interface Between Climate and Diet

  What Causes Climate Change? The main contributing factor to climate change is the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) insulate our climate and maintain a stable surface temperate on Earth. GHGs include carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), ozone and water vapour (H2O). These GHGs trap heat in our atmosphere and raise global...

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Sep 21

How To Stay Healthy This Fall

“There is something about Fall that makes me want to get cozy inside with a cup of tea. It’s a feeling that comes from within that guides my actions.”   What Happens During Fall? During Fall, there is an energetic shift inwards and downwards. Leaves fall as nutrients start moving into the bark and roots...

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Apr 06

Finding Peace Amidst COVID-19

You Are Not Alone Many people are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety from the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings. This pandemic is raising many concerns and worries in our daily lives: How will I stay afloat financially? How can I balance working or studying from home while home-schooling my children? What if I catch...

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Make your own medicine

I believe your connection to nature plays an important role in your health and wellness, this is why I offer additional information on local medicinal plants of the Pacific Northwest and guidelines on how to make your own natural remedies!

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Upcoming Workshops

All in-person workshops are cancelled due to Covid-19. Stay tuned for virtual workshops up ahead!

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Better Health

I am passionate about promoting the use of natural herbal products that are free from additives, chemicals and carcinogens. I am currently developing a line of skin care products and tea blends to optimize your healing and beauty care.

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