My Professional Journey

Growing up as the youngest of a mixed family of 8 kids, I had many opportunities to witness and observe the intricacies of what it means to be human. My fascination began with the anatomy and physiology of the human body, which lead me into completing an honours bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario. I worked as a Personal Trainer at Steve Nash Fitness World and as a Rehabilitation Therapist for adults with disabilities for 3 years.

I wasn’t fully satisfied with the approach of viewing health in the context of the body alone, so I decided to explore other ways of healing. I volunteered at three international organizations to gain more experience in Holistic healthcare.

First, I volunteered at the Mercy in Action maternity clinic in the Philippines to assist in post-conception care and education in Magsaysay and the mountain villages of Tabuk. Second, I volunteered at the Jatun Sacha ecological reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest where my passion and love for herbal medicine began. Here, I learned about the healing properties of Amazonian medicinal plants from the Quechua people. Lastly, I volunteered with Natural Doctors International in Nicaragua to provide Naturopathic healthcare under the guidance of Dr. Tabatha Parker ND.

These experiences inspired me to complete my 4-year Naturopathic Medical Program at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine. I am currently a licensed Naturopathic Doctor at the Butterfly Naturopathic Clinic, and I teach Herbal Medicine and Anatomy & Physiology at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and Botanical Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.


Professional Credentials And Certifications

  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine – Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Honors Specialization Bachelors Degree – Kinesiology – University of Western Ontario
  • Stress Management Coach – Empowerment Expert Academy
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Saving (ACLS) and BLS/CPR – OHM
  • Acupuncture – CNPBC Board Certified Acupuncturist
  • Naturopathic Doula Training – Dr. Kristen Almon ND and Dr. Shannon Kaupp ND
  • Bowen Therapy – Jonathan Damonte RSHom (NA), CCH
  • Total Body Modification (TBM) – Dr. Kevin S. Millet, D.C
  • Advanced Intravenous Therapy – Dr. Stefan Kuprowski, ND
  • Craniosacral Therapy – Upledger Institute International
  • Global Health Certification & Internship – Natural Doctors International – Ometepe, Nicaragua
  • Reiki & Therapeutic Touch Therapy – Level 1

My Personal Journey

Although I had accomplished a lot in my life, I still felt unfulfilled and struggled a lot with stress and anxiety. I felt overwhelmed by the smallest tasks and experienced daily bouts of exhaustion, brain fog and frustration. At times it took all the courage I had to get out and face the day. I was allowing my stress and anxiety to prevent me from living my life fully. I finally reached a breaking point and decided that I could no longer live my life that way.

My quest for peace and fulfillment was unstoppable. In the time I found between patient visits and everyday life, I dove into the great works of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rumi, Osho, Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Mada Dalian and countless others. I worked with plant medicines, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, somatic therapies, shinrin-yoku, integrative body psychotherapy and used my training and experience as a Naturopathic Doctor to improve my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

These experiences helped me reach a state of calm, presence and joy, as though a weight had been lifted and I could think clearly, be fully present with my friends and family and enjoy what life has to offer.

During my Naturopathic practice, I noticed that the majority of my patients were also struggling with stress and anxiety, and in many cases it was the root cause of their health concerns. When I incorporated some of the strategies that I developed for myself into their health plans, their health and wellbeing improved in response. This inspired me to focus my efforts on a larger issue at play.

The reason why I am so passionate about helping people overcome stress and anxiety is because I know how it feels to be in it and how it feels to be free of it. It is so important to me to help you break through your struggles and find your freedom. I want you to experience the joys of life without limitation.

I have distilled my teachings and experiences into effective and realistic strategies to reclaim your health and vitality. I am here to guide you in your healing journey to achieve a truly balanced and fulfilling life.

In health,

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine uses the least invasive therapies to strengthen and support your own ability to heal yourself. As a Naturopathic Physician, I first perform a thorough assessment of your current health state through specialized laboratory testing, physical exams and consultation. Next, I remove any obstacles to health through changing dietary & lifestyle behaviours, reducing toxin exposure and lowering stress.

Once the obstacles to health are removed, I incorporate nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, acupuncture, bodywork, spinal adjustments and IV therapy to strengthen your body’s capacity to heal itself and to return to a state of health and balance.

All Naturopathic Physicians abide by the following six principles of our medicine.


The Six Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

1. The healing power of nature

I trust in my patient’s inherent ability to heal themselves and work on encouraging and strengthening this process.

2. Identify and treat the cause

I look beyond the symptoms and find the common denominator to get to the root cause of your health concerns.

3. First do no harm

I use the most natural and least invasive therapies to regain your health.

4. Doctor as teacher

I provide my patients with the tools they need to heal themselves.

5. Treat the whole person

I view each patient as a unique, complex and dynamic person with multiple layers of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual interactions.

6. Prevention

I believe the most powerful cure is to prevent the progression of disease. I focus on overall wellness and disease prevention.