Holistic Health | Healing Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions

October 24, 2019

Holistic Health

What is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is achieved when the four aspects of health are in balance: our mind, body, spirit, and emotions. If one of these aspects become too strong or deficient then an imbalance in health occurs.

The four rivers of Four Rivers Wellness represent a balanced flow within the mind, body, spirit and emotions. Everything that Four Rivers Wellness offers is rooted in holistic health.

Why is Holistic Health Important?

In today’s society, we rely heavily on our minds to excel at work, plan for the future and organize our lives. This is important to help us keep up with the busy world around us. However, have you noticed that when your mind is active with all of your responsibilities and duties, you start to ignore the other aspects of health?

You might not have time to exercise anymore because you have too much to do. You may find that your emotions are too distracting so you start to bottle them up inside. Perhaps your relationships with friends and family begin to wane and you no longer can find the time to do things that bring you joy and happiness, like dancing, artwork or being in Nature. 

As you may have already experienced, this road leads to burnout and makes you more susceptible to chronic health concerns like cardiovascular disease, digestive concerns, and even cancer. This is why it is important to be pro-active to ensure you are living a balanced life.

How Can I Live a Balanced Life?

I recommend reflecting on what your life is like currently. Are you focussing your efforts and attention on just one aspect of health? If so, try incorporating some of the following suggestions in the other categories to bring you back into balance.


  • Learn about new concepts that inspire you
  • Start a meditation practice to make your mind more efficient
  • Create daily, weekly and monthly goals to keep your mind focussed


  • Eat wholesome nutritious food
  • Make sure you are getting plenty of rest
  • Move your body daily in whatever way feels best for you – yoga, jogging, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc


  • Explore different perspectives and philosophies on life and creation 
  • Spend more time in nature and in community with others
  • Do one thing daily that brings you joy – playing/listening to music, art, dancing, singing, etc


  • Start an introspective practice that allows you to witness your emotions – journalling, body scanning, mirror work, talk therapy
  • Foster more forgiveness and compassion for yourself and others
  • Practice gratitude – start and end your day with 1 thing you are grateful for that day

I wish you health and happiness on your healing journey, and if you would like some assistance with this work you can book an appointment with me here.

In health,

Dr. Fiona