Fire Cider Workshop

October 1, 2019

Date(s) - Oct 01, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

As the seasons change from Summer to Autumn we move from a time of expansion, growth and lightness into a time of harvest, reflection and inward movement. Just as the plants change and prepare for each season, we also need to change the way we eat, move and nourish ourselves. I am offering this workshop to teach you how to boost your immune system and optimize your health during the Autumn season.

During this workshop, you will:

  1. Make your own Fire Cider health tonic to take home with you to support your immune system and enhance your vitality! Fire Cider is a traditional folk medicine that serves as an immune stimulant to build your defences against the cold and flu season, a digestive tonic to ease bloating and indigestion, and a circulatory stimulant to bring warmth and nutrients to the cells of your body. Fire cider is an infusion of culinary herbs and spices into apple cider vinegar.

  2. Learn which foods and herbs will best support your health. Food choices, herbal remedies and even cooking methods change from season to season. For example, during the summer months it is best to enjoy fresh brightly coloured fruits and vegetables growing straight from the earth to cool and energize you during the warm summer months. While in Autumn, it is best to enjoy more heartier flavours and foods that will warm your body and support your immune system during the cooler months. (Join this workshop to learn more details!)

  3. Experience a guided meditation that you can use daily to assist in the natural inward movement that Autumn provides for personal growth and self-reflection.

There are only 10 spots available, so make sure you get your ticket today before they’re sold out!

Price: $40